The Health and Beauty Marketing Plan

✔ Learn our proven steps to creating an effective health and beauty marketing strategy!

✔ How to generate more revenue with your current email list

✔ How to sell more gift cards 

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Without Extra Effort

Repeat customers are 7 times more profitable than new customers. Some of your most profitable customers are the ones that choose your location every time. That's why this plan focuses on turning more customers into loyal repeat customers.

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Stay Busy With

Just Your Current List

Learn how you can sell more gift cards during holidays and birthdays by taking advantage of the data you collect.

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The Three Steps to Generating More Profit from Existing Customers

Collect More Customer Data

Repeat customers are 7 times more profitable than new customers. By focusing on the current email list you have, you can make your business more profitable.

  Reward Existing Customers

Customers coming to celebrate their holidays and birthdays can be almost half of your revenue. One customer brings in new customers and existing ones that will all pay full price.

Book More Parties

Marketing for a health and beauty business can be exhausting. Instead of trying to do this all yourself, make more money by automating the whole process.

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Elements Laser Spa 

$163,000 Increased Revenue

Paul has made over $163,000 with FetchRev through both new customer acquisition as well as repeat business.

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Start selling more gift cards and generating more revenue for your business with our free health and beauty marketing plan. 

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